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Achieve Clean Air Indoors through Vacuuming

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Having clean air inside health care establishments, schools, and offices are very crucial as they house people who are working, or studying, or both. This statement is backed by USEPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) wherein they mentioned that Americans consume their time heavily indoors. This is alarming as carpets indoors carry tiny pollutants. People who stay inside are exposed to this kind of danger. In fact, so dangerous that indoor air is more polluted seven times compared to the outdoors. This claim is from a study shared by AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) last year.

Aside from its level, ease of inhaling it is also a factor why indoor pollution is dangerous. Aggravating asthma, headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, and other allergy symptoms are easily attributed to dirty carpets. With regard to asthma and its corresponding allergies, there are about 60 million of Americans who are currently suffering from it. This is from AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America).

What can we infer from these statements? That it is crucial to have clean indoor air because majority stays inside. Moreover, we can all start cleaning the floors for us to achieve the kind of air we all aspire. Interventions must be implemented by facility managers. Top of this list should be vacuuming. It helps in reducing exposure of asthma and other allergy triggers. If you can’t do it, you can always hire a company like to do the job.

Below are some of the best practices identified by cleaning experts on vacuuming and carpet cleaning. These will help in achieving air quality that is exceptional. This leads to an increase of better working and studying experiences of people staying indoors like good attendance and more importantly, exemplary performance.

Step 1- Develop a foundation for cleaning

It’s necessary for you to come up first with floor plan. You need to be observant in identifying which are the places that have high foot traffic. They’re the ones that get top priority for cleaning. It’s strongly advised that carpets are to be deep cleaned twice in a year. Deep cleaning should also include using of carpet fans or dryers after. This prevents any moisture that could possibly create molds. Equipment for deep cleaning should be properly maintained to gain best results. If the carpet has to be replaced according to the recommendations set forth by the manufacturer, you have to do so.

Step 2- Be mindful in using vacuuming techniques

All techniques should be done correctly and that is by passes that are repeated and slow. This doesn’t only apply to floors that are carpeted, but also to hard surface ones. Remind yourself to have the floors with high traffic to be vacuumed for at least two passes a day. Refrain from using mops. They still push allergens and dirt into air.

Step 3- Choose state-of-the-art tools for vacuuming

There are effective tools to clean both hard surface and carpeted floors, regardless of the ease of reach. They’re vacuums that are HEPA-filter and they’re able to locate hard-to-reach areas which can also be places of allergen producers.

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