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Reasons to Clean Your Solar Panels

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Nowadays, solar panels are getting more and more popular. They produce energy by converting sunlight. However, just like any other materials, you have to maintain them to get maximum efficiency.  


For those who don’t know, solar panels are covered by a glass coating and you have to place them outside. Of course, just like your windows, they will eventually get dirty as long as there are exposed to the elements. While almost every solar panel is self-cleaning, bird droppings, dust, and other elements build up over time. This is particularly true if the panel is located in dry places.  

Here are several reasons why you should always have your solar panels cleaned by a professional solar panel cleaning Inland Empire. 

Maintain the Maximum Solar Panel Efficiency 

The energy that is generated by the solar panels will be lowered by gathered dirt. The energy loss will greatly vary on the amount of filth accumulated there. Usually, it could reach 20% to 35%. This is particularly true if you haven’t cleaned yet after the installation. According to an Experiment from Google, cleaning their solar panels every year increased its energy output by 100%.  

Rainwater Does Not Clean Your Solar Panels 

Rain is not enough to completely clean your solar panels, despite what a lot of people say. The reason for this is that right after the rainwater evaporates, dust particles will still attach to the surface of the panels. Because of this, dirt gathers and produces a dirt film. Of course, this film will lower the light absorb by the solar panels and lowers the energy produced by them.  


There are a lot of solar panel manufactures and companies that have incorporated the need to clean the solar panels in their warranty. This means that if you’re experiencing any problems with the panels to be covered by the warranty, you have to show proof of routine solar panel cleaning. This proof should be coming from a local professional cleaning company.  

Risk of Electrocution 

You will greatly increase the danger of electrocution if the glass layer that protects the solar cells breaks and water enters inside the panel. Unless you check the condition of your solar panels frequently and have them regularly cleaned, you will never know what could break the glass. Anything can end up on your solar panels. This includes a tennis ball or even a bird of prey. This will cause the glass of your solar panels to break or crack. Oftentimes, birds will peck at the cables of your panels. This is another reason why you shouldn’t neglect your solar panels.  

Catch Potential Problems 

If you always monitor your solar panels, you will have the chance to catch potential issues that are slowly rising. Whenever you hire a professional cleaner, it is a wise idea to have them check on your inverter and other components of your solar panel. They have to ensure that everything is fine. With this, you can easily avoid costly repairs in the future.  

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Different Types of Insurance

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Living your life according to your will is just a wonderful place and thing to live to because you have no one to tell you or reprimand you to do things you do. But doing some things that you wanted sometimes are things that can destroy or even danger your life in so you must still always have some considerations in. This consideration may seem sometimes be a sacrifice because you tend to pay for it for the amount of time that you will pay for it in your own life. That is why some people tend to ask advice to some professional companies like insurance commission calculator for they are the type of company in which helps you in commissions.

When we talk about commissions, these are the sets of advantages that every person can have in exchange for some things like money and other types of assets you have. Same as other cakes and other things that are sweet there are different types and varieties of insurance that you can see and will get according to your own preference. That is why when you are planning on taking up some insurance you must consider some things that are really needed to consider in order to not waste your money. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the major types of insurance that you really needed in order to live your life the way you wanted it.

The first type of insurance that we are going to introduce to you is one of the most common insurance that is chosen by almost all of the people. This type of insurance is chosen by almost everyone because this tends to protect your life when something happened unexpectedly in your life and this is called life insurance. Since some of the people tend to want to secure the expenses when something happened unexpectedly this type of insurance will help your deceased family pay up all the bills. Bills that are very much a burden to your family for it is so much expensive than making you live your life up to your own death than being born.

Another type of insurance that is mostly chosen by most of the people that are securing is a type of insurance in which cope up the payment when you’re in danger. Because Long-term Disability coverage is a type of insurance in which will help you in all the medicine that you will buy until the day that you’re well. Lastly, this type of insurance tends to be mistreated and misunderstood by many people for this type of insurance tends to be one of the most expensive one and the most useless. Even though Health insurance is the most useless one this one also is the most needed for you needed to have health insurance than to secure your death

always remember that all insurance is made in order to help you when there is an emergency.

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