How To Grow As A Christian 

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Christians are simply just like anyone else. One of the major obstacles a Christian will have to face is when people say that Christianity will in no way change you and other will possibly utter what is the point. And this doubt is also not limited to the cynic. If you are a Christian for a long time you might feel that you are not farther with your faith.  That you are not living the truth you think is right. That every time you wish to be better, you feel you just can’t. This usually happens in the early stage of your faith or can actually be a struggle later on even you think you are mature with your faith.   


Peter in the Bible provides us principles of Christianity that certainly we can’t forget while nurturing our faith. 2 Peter is a great chapter for us to focus. The whole chapter tackles about how to grow as a Christian. It is also being stressed in this chapter that you should have motivation for growth.  

Christ divine power granted us all the things that relevant to godliness and faith, and in his knowledge claimed us his excellence and own glory, wherein he granted us his precious and great promise so that you will become partakers of Divine nature.  

The Christian life must result in growth as being motivated with joyful obedience. Faith must be equipped with wisdom and character in order to grow where in Peter stressed about self-control, knowledge, virtue, godliness, affection, steadfastness, and finally love. God will surely save us and finds us no matter who we are, where we are and what we are in life, relationally, emotionally and morally. He is definitely not scared of our mess. He also does not to abandon us where he finds us.  

In many ways, the whole point of Christian faith is growing toward Christ likeness.  And it is never mystical or magical or only God’s job alone but it’s a process where we are involved. Remember Peter said not to God but all about us. Make all the effort to add good worth to your faith. It’s not a work for God to perform but for us to comply. 

A bible-based Churches in Olathe Kansas could be of a good venue to show how willing you are to nurture your faith. The Bible is so candid in saying that the person we become or our character is mainly the product of our habits, big or small, we carry out in our lives. Even up to our small decision to go to church, how lazy or diligent we are in fulfilling our duty as a servant of God. Even our daily routine and practices like home cleaning could influence your habit, Best practices to nurture our faith is to always remind ourselves, so make daily prayer, commune with other Christians and do it consistently, and bible reading. We would certainly see dramatic results later on. Keep this in mind, our character always dependent on the little habits we apply in our lives. 

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Reasons Why A Clean Office Improves Business Operations 

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The main location of a business is its office. This is where your staffs spend at least eight hours a day and where all the innovation and hard work takes place. Your office is also the place where you meet with your business clients and associates, whom you want to create a good and lasting impression on. Therefore, if your office is messy, unorganized and dirty it will have a lot of negative effects on your business’s success. 

Business Operations

Therefore, when business associates and clients step into your office, what will be their first impression? An unorganized and dirty working environment can certainly make them think that you’re disorganized, unprofessional, and not detail oriented. They will then assume that if you cannot keep your own working environment organized and neat, how much effort can be able to invest into doing business with them? The moment a potential client steps through the door as well as visits your office, they will instantly judge your business based on what they can see and feel.  

Are the floors of your office dirty? Are the counters and windows of your office clean? Is there any bad odor emanating? A negative first impression can certainly lead to losing very important clients and could also lose you respect in the corporate and professional world. On the other hand, a tidy and clean office can impress your guests. This is the reason why it’s highly advisable that you hire professional and experienced window cleaners from deep cleaning cypress tx to maintain the cleanliness of your office windows. 

A well-maintained office simply means that you can show off your company properly since it shows that you are paying attention even to the simplest details. This is the reason why you should make sure that your working environment is always clean and organized because you won’t know when a potential client will walk into your working environment. It’s also imperative that you only hire a professional cleaning service because they are trained, experienced and skilled in professionally cleaning even the hardest to clean area in your office.  

A clean and organized environment is surely a productive environment as it can give a lot of benefits to you and your employees. When your office is messy, your eye wanders constantly over the clutter and it prevents you from focusing on your work.  

Also, a lot of companies actually underestimate how important it really is to maintain an organized and clean environment not only for their clients but for their workers as well. Which is why some would go to Keeping a clean working space will surely help your staffs to be more focused and motivated. As a matter of fact, people who work in a messy space will be unproductive, stressed and sad. In fact, recent study show that employees enjoy going to the office and show much better productivity when they know that their working environment is well taken care of by the management. Therefore, it’s important as a boss or a leader to keep your working space clean and organized at all times. 

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